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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hello!  It's Frugal Friday!!!  If you are new to Frugal Friday, click here for the first post introducing the series.  So far we've covered PAPER, INK, STAMPS, EMBELLISHMENTS and TOOLS.  Today we are talking about ADHESIVE.  This post will be a lot shorter than most Frugal Friday posts since I pretty much only use two kinds of adhesive.

Tape Runner
When I started making cards I thought that you had to buy the adhesive (Tombow) from Stampin' Up.  Then I figured out you could get it from places like Michaels.  In a pinch one day I tried some cheap snail adhesive from Wal-mart.  Guess what?  It was just as good and so much cheaper.  When I starting buying it regularly, the brand was called "Ad-tech".  I'm not sure what happened but the product looks the same but now packaged using the "Elmer's Glue" brand.  It was quite confusing, but it's the same product.  At my local Wal-mart the initial tape runner is $3.50 and the you can buy a pack of two refills for $2.50.  I always get the permanent kind, but there is also re-positional kind as well.  Here's what the package looks like, although my dispenser is blue.
Dimensional Adhesive 
When I started making cards I fell in love with Stampin' Up's foam dimensionals.  They work great but I always ran out at the worst times.  I didn't want to pay for shipping on something so inexpensive so I started experimenting with other options.  I bought a whole roll of "Scotch Mounting Tape".  It's about 1/8" thick and the roll is about 1/2" wide.  It is double sided like SU's dimensionals.  I can get a roll of 75 feet for $5.  You can cut the foam tape to any size you like, but that is also a drawback.  I don't mind cutting each piece since I am saving so much money.  I think I buy a roll about every 8 months or so.  

I also use Glue Dots and Tombow's Liquid Mono Aqua Glue.  These are both pretty cheap and  I last an extremely long time since I don't use them very often.

That's it folks!  Pretty short and sweet today.  I did receive a request to see my stamping space and that'll be coming up towards the end of August (I hope).  It's nothing special really, just lots of space to create.  

Thanks to much for joining me today.  Enjoy your weekend!!!

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CJ July 23, 2010 at 10:32 AM  

Dana -

Thanks for the tip about the mounting tape. I too love SU Dimensionals, but hate the shipping fees and I am not find of Pop Dots. I will definitely be giving the mounting tape a try.


JenE July 26, 2010 at 9:20 AM  

Wow, this was short and sweet! I've never used a tombow type adhesive but I did just order an ATG from Custom Crops. Should be here mid-late August. I scrap more then make cards so I'm hoping it will be handy and as cost effective as everyone says. Thanks for the info on the mounting tape...cutting the size I want sounds like a pretty good idea to me!

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