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Friday, April 8, 2011

I thought I'd share some photos I took at the park this morning after my run.  When I say I run at the park, I run laps around the lake below.  It's pretty large.  Each lap is .7 miles and I try to run 5.  Today I was feeling pretty ambitious and tried for 7 laps (that would be 4.9 miles), but I only made it 5 laps (3.5 miles) and then I walked one last lap to snap some photos (so 4.2 miles total).  

I thought this guy was a genius.  He was wearing rubber kitchen gloves while fishing.  No touching yucky worms and bait for this guy.  There are always men scattered around the lake fishing.

Here's the bench I always want to sit/lay on, but instead I slowly run right by it.  

I should be enjoying the awesome scenery, but I'm always too busy arguing with myself in my head.   Should and stop for a potty break, no you're fine.  I think I'm going to pass out, no your doing fine, keep on pushing yourself.  Even the music coming from my headphones can't distract me from myself.  By the way, the Black Eyed Peas channel on Pandora is great to run to.  

Turtles!  They were all over the place this morning.  

Here's a trail that takes you to a nearby subdivision.  Nothing special about this, I just really like the photo.

Here's a little alcove off to the side.  Our kids love to run across the bridge.  This area is called "The Wetlands" and is very shallow.  
So, that's my morning!  I took all these pictures from my DroidX Smart Phone.  I use an app called PicPlz.  It's free and I love it.  I think it's sorta like Instagram for the iphone, how I wish I had that app.  Anyway, hope you enjoyed and I promise to have something crafty posted (not necessarily a card) in a couple hours.

Have a great day!


Basement Stamper April 8, 2011 at 12:56 PM  

thanks for the tip on the Black Eyed Peas challenge, listening to it now at work! Your jogging setting looks gorgeous-I really need to get out an exercise!!!

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