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Friday, April 8, 2011

*This is my second post of the day*
Okay, here's my "crafty something that's not a card" I was talking about earlier.  I have a sewing machine, but don't sew much.  However, I am in love with a sewing blog called V & Co.  Vanessa posted a video last week on how to make a bracelet using jersey fabric.  It looked so easy (and the video itself is pretty hilarious, at least to me since I've been following Vanessa for quite some time).  
Well, I didn't want to buy jersey fabric so I used a pair of my daughters yoga-style pants that had a big hole in the knee.  I cut the entire pair into strips and then sewed the strips together (Vanessa links hers together a different way, which I'll definitely try next time).  The length was about 7 yards.  I was able to make 3 bracelets.
You make the bracelets by wrapping the long strip around your fingers and sorta crocheting with your fingers.  It's really cool.  The thickness is determined by how wide you cut your fabric and what type of fabric you choose.  You can also use two fingers, three fingers, or four.  I would recommend starting off with two fingers.  That was the easiest and fastest.

Here's two of them. The one that's missing was my first one and it didn't look too good.  I need to redo it.  The one on the left I made using the three finger method and the one on the right uses two fingers.
And here I am sporting my new gray bracelet.  Overall I like this bracelet a lot, but it's a little bulky.  I didn't cut my strips narrow enough and I probably shouldn't have sewn the strips together.  Also, my strips weren't cut consistently.  Some were an inch and some were an inch and a half so you can see some inconsistency in the finished thickness of the bracelet.
If you have some free time, give this a try.  I'm going to show my daughter how to do it.  She loves watching me crochet so I know she'll really get a kick out of just using her fingers.  I also thought about making another bracelet, just making it a little longer to use as a headband for my daughter.  I think that would look really cute.  Can't wait to try this again and see how much better it'll turn out.

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!


Donna Huisinga April 9, 2011 at 12:05 PM  

A saw this too and had planned to try it. Thanks for the tips. I love when someone passes on what could have gone better rather than making it sound like everything went just perfect!

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