CSN Store Review - Coming Soon!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I was recently approached by CSN Stores to receive a product to review.  This is an opportunity that I couldn't pass up.  I immediately agreed and started surfing their 200+ websites in search of what I wanted to review.  At first I wanted get something I wouldn't normally splurge on myself, and then I thought about more practical items.   There are so many great things to choose from.  They carry anything from a sauté pan to a bedroom vanity, from a diaper bag to fitness equipment.

So here's what I finally picked.  I've always wanted a Mandoline but could never justify the cost.  We have big plans to shop at our local farmer's market and try new recipes this summer.  We're even growing our own peppers.   As soon as I get it, I'll try it out and tell you what I think.


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