Red's Opening Day Pictures!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Even though it rained a lot, we still had a pretty good time at the game yesterday. It was after the game that was not fun. Make sure you scroll down all the way to find out what happened. I may not have any cards to post today because I am so worn out.

We started off by having lunch at Gameworks at Newport on the Levee with our friends Keith and Cindy and then we walked the bridge to the game. We were almost to the stadium when it started to pour down rain! It had rained off and on all morning. After a 30 minute rain delay, the game started.
During the National Anthem:

The First Pitch:

Team Lachey from "Clash of the Choirs":

The Game:

Now for the bad part. Our group walked the bridge back to Newport, sat in the parking garage traffic FOREVER! Scott drove me to the park-n-ride to get our truck and our truck was GONE! Apparently the park-n-ride is no longer a park-n-ride and it's a tow-away zone. We both passed the signs and didn't see them. We had to drive to a bad part of Cincinnati to recover the truck and pay a hefty $110!!!! That will put a damper on any good day. We ended up getting home around 8:30, missing dinner completely (not to mention only getting to see our kids for a few minutes before they went to bed). Anyway, I'm sure you can understand if I'm too exhausted to be creative today.


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