Blogher Book Club: The Book of Jonas

Monday, April 23, 2012

I have been so fortunate to read so many great books recently from Blogher Book Club.  This next book, The Book of Jonas is no exception.  And no, this is not a book about the Jonas Brothers!  

This book is about and fifteen year old boy that is sent to the U.S. after his family was killed during an attack on their village in the Middle East.  As you can imagine, life is difficult for Jonas and he has a hard time fitting in.  Through counseling, it is suggested that he meet the mother of the soldier who saved him during the attack on his village.  The soldier had gone missing since the time he rescued Jonas.  

This is a fantastic book and it really makes you think about what really goes on during a war and all the trauma that comes about afterwards.

We'll be talking about this book over at Blogher Book Club, come join us!


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