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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hi there!  This little blogging break was completely unintentional. I really didn't mean to be gone for so long.  I thought I would bring you up to speed on what I've been up to.

Last week my husband and I went to Toronto.  It was my first trip out of the country and therefore the first stamp in my passport.  My husband went there for work and I just tagged along.  Our 10 year anniversary is this Friday so we made the trip an anniversary trip of sorts.

Some of the pics are crappy because they are from my phone (I can't wait to get an iPhone!).

One of my favorite meals was a veggie pizza at a place called Jack Astor's.  The waitress looked at me a bit funny when I ordered it without cheese, but it was sooo good.  I had the leftovers for lunch the next day.

With the pizza a tried a new beer that we don't have in the states yet, at least not in my area.  It was a Coors Light Iced T!  Beer + Iced Tea = Totally Delicious.
On one of my daily adventures walking the city, I found this restaurant in an urban eatery (aka, food court) called Urban Herbivore. 
I knew it just had to be all vegan, and it was.  I ordered a BLT and it was amazing.  The "bacon" was actually tempeh and they made a sort of salad with a soy mayo dressing for the lettuce and tomato part, it was fantastic.  

The best thing we did all week was going to Second City, Toronto.  If you don't know what it's all about, it's a comedy club that specializes in improv.  They have a location in Chicago and LA as well.   Most of the cast of Saturday Night Live over the years was discovered performing at Second City.  The tickets were only $14, and I laughed the entire time, actually I laughed so hard I cried most of the time.  My cheeks hurt when the show was over.  If you ever get a chance to see Second City (I know they have a tour as well), do it!  Trust me, you won't regret it.

Before the show we had drinks on a roof-top bar.  Very neat!

Another awesome thing we did was have dinner in the CN Tower.  It is the second tallest building in the world, 114 stories high!  This was the night we celebrated our anniversary since this restaurant was super fancy.  Dinner was in the 360* Restaurant, which is a revolving restaurant.  It makes one revolution every 72 minutes.  After dinner we went to the observation deck where they had a glass floor you could walk across, totally freaky, but I did it.
The city itself is really cool.  There are bikes everywhere.  There are even automated bike rental kiosks where you can rent a bike for an hour or for a day.
This is St. Lawrence Market, which was quite the walk from the hotel, but I just had to go there.  It was an open air market with a ton of fresh produce, it was so pretty to see all the vibrant colors.  They also had a ton of meat and cheese booths, which didn't interest me at all.  I had a few samples but couldn't really buy anything since I couldn't take it over the border into the US and had no way to prepare it at the hotel.  But it was really cool to see.
On our last night in town we went to a Toronto Blue Jays game.  My husband wants to visit all the MLB stadiums so this was a must.  I have to say that I wasn't very impressed.  I've been to some cool stadiums and our own Great American Ballpark is pretty amazing.  The one thing that was neat was that they sang the American and Canadian national anthem.  Oh, and they had a retractable dome, the first time I'd seen one of those.  I was able to watch them close it from our hotel window that night.  
Here's a random park I came across on my daily walking adventures.  They have parks sprinkled thoughout the city with people laying on blankets and having lunch, reading a book, napping.
I have no idea what this building is, but it's really pretty with some really cool landscaping.
And when we came home, after loving on our kids a ton, I went out to my garden and was surprised how many veggies were ready to be picked.  I canned the tomatoes already and have frozen most of the squash.  I made a terrible zucchini bread, and we ate some of the summer squash and zucchini with some pasta.
Okay, so I'll be back on Thursday for the Clear & Simple Stamps release!  Prepare to be blown away, this is the best release yet!


Nicki July 3, 2012 at 2:44 PM  

Oh how fun - your trip to Toronto looks like you had a great, great time! Happy 10th Anniversary :)

Oma July 4, 2012 at 6:58 AM  

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the city that I call home! I'll try to find out what that building is. I'm sure my son or hubby will know. I am deathly afraid of heights so have never been to the top of the CN Tower but my daughter, son and hubby have been to the top. Happy 10th Anniversary Dana! Our 40th is creeping up on us - it is on the 15th.

Oma July 4, 2012 at 7:08 AM  

I knew the building was an entertainment venue so I googled theaters in Toronto. The name of the building is Roy Thomson Hall.

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