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Saturday, September 8, 2012

I have a super fun project to share with you today!  I'm sure you have an iPhone or knows somebody that does. Seems like everyone has one but me, but I'll be getting one shortly when the new one comes out.  What does do crafting and iPhones have in common you ask?  Well, CSS has created a template to design your own insert to go with those clear iPhone cases!!!  I love those trendy and fun cell phone covers, but they are so expensive!  This way, if you already have a clear case, you can change out your insert everyday using supplies you already own.  If you are having a hard time following me, here are some photos that may help.
Here's the template printed on regular copier paper.  I didn't want all of my inserts to use the same color card stock, but I also didn't want to be wasteful by printing the template out a bunch of times of different colored card stock.  You can see here that I planned ahead as to what color and design would be on each template.
I cut four pieces of card stock (from scraps) to fit right over each template and then adhered them with masking tape.  This worked really well and didn't get come apart in my printer. 
Here's what they looked like off once removed from the printer paper.
I would definitely recommend stamping your template and then cutting them, so much easier that way.  If you look closely, you can see the template under all that glorious stamping. 
Once I had the iPhone Cover Inserts made, I needed a cute way to give them to my friend.  Since these covers will reflect how cool, trendy and unique she is, I wanted a card to go with that theme.  
I created a little pocket on the inside of the card so that the inserts could slip right in.  
You can download the template by clicking HERE.  I was just thinking that it would be really cool to use the template on photos as well.  I would probably cut the template on card stock first and use it as a stencil on a photo.  I've seen custom photo covers and I'm sure they are pricey. 

Some of the other design team ladies are getting in on the actions!  You won't want to miss their awesome creations!

Stephany Zerbe

Have a great day!

{You Are an Original}
Stamps: Sunburst, Craft Room (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Dare to Be a Diva Red, A Blanc Check (CSS)
Ink: Dare to Be a Diva Red (CSS), White
Accessories: Foam Dots, Sticky Tape, Circle Punch

{iPhone Cover Inserts}
Stamps: Background Basics 1, Squares Plus, Designer Lines (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Kraft Like a Rockstar, A Blanc Check, Green With Envy (CSS)
Ink: Dare to Be a Diva Red, Dish All the Dirt Brown, Say Yellow to All Your Fans, Orange You Fabulous, Glamazon Green, Your Style Blue Me Away, Simply Blue-tiful, Purplicious (CSS)
Accessories: iPhone Cover Template


Jess September 9, 2012 at 8:21 AM  

Ok this is way cool. i don't have an iphone yet but i know some people who do and the would make a great gift... thank you for sharing....

Laurie October 2, 2012 at 10:26 AM  

These are awesome! Love the card you made to hold them! :)

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