Retirement Cards: Finished!

Friday, July 18, 2008

OKAY! I totally lied about not posting anything until Sunday night. But, my relatives are running late so I had some time to finish up this project. Yes, the retirement party is tomorrow and I didn't even have the cards made. At least I only had to assemble. Anyway, when I was done making 30 cards, I decided to put them in some cute packaging. I used two acrylic boxes that my Papertrey stamps came in. One box was a little thicker and was perfect for the cards. The other one was for the envelopes.
All the cards:

Two acrylic Papertrey boxes:

Finished gift set:

I put some tissue paper on top of the cards to keep everything in one place. I mimicked the band on the card for the band on the box, just bigger. The band goes around both boxes.

I most likely won't have anything to post until Sunday, but don't hold me to it! Take care!


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