An {I Love You} Card...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hello!  Today's card could either be for Valentine's Day or any day you want to tell someone you love them.  I used the both heart stamps from Quotes II so create a sort of chevron pattern.  I really had to plan this card out ahead of time.  I made diagonal lines using a pencil in both directions, then stamped the solid hearts in red and the outline hearts in pink.

The sentiment come from the Love Cupid set as well as the brackets.  A fun background with a simple sentiment, one of my favorite types of cards.
I have a card featured today on the Clear & Simple Stamps App for the iPhone (and like devices).  It's one of my absolute favorite cards I made for this release.  I really hope you check it out!

Have a great day!

{I love you}
Stamps: Quotes II, Love Cupid (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check, I'm a Princess Pink, Dare to Be a Diva Red (CSS)
Ink: Paint the Town Pink, Dare to Be a Diva Red (CSS)
Accessories: Foam Dimensionals


A {You're A Hoot} Card...

Monday, January 30, 2012

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Hello there!  I hope you are off to a good start this week.  I worked as a sub on Thursday and Friday and it totally wore me out.  I another card I made for the Clear & Simple Stamps January release.  This card uses a technique that I had totally forgotten about.  Not masking, but masking using die cuts.  
Here's what I did.  I totally meant to take pics of the process, that would be so much easier to explain.  

First I masked off the outside of the card leaving an open rectangle in the center.  Then I die cut the owl shape and the branch and punched a circle using plain copier paper.  I arranged the die cuts where I wanted them and held them into place using repositional adhesive.  Then I sponged the background blue (my sponge had green on it already (whoops!) so that's my by blue looks greenish blue).  I removed all the masks, which left an open area for my sentiment, owl, and leaf images.  I stamped all those images and then colored them in using watercolor pencils.  Such a cool technique! 

If you've been following my blog lately, you'll see that I've been loving to mask things lately.  I love anything where I can get more mileage out of a stamp set.

Have a great day!

{You're A Hoot}
Stamps: Little Critters, Critter Sentiments (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check (CSS)
Ink: Perfect Little Black Dress, Glamazon Green, Trendsetter Blue (CSS)
Accessories: Little Critter Die Cuts, Stamping Sponge, Circle Punch, Watercolor Pencils, Aqua Painter 


Papertrey Ink January 2012 Blog Hop...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I should be doing a million and one other things right now, but I'm just going to quickly post this for the Papertrey Ink Blog Hop.  The card on the left is one that I made last year for a Make-It-Monday Challenge and I just love it.  Click here to see that original post.  I happened to need a birthday card for my nephew today, so that's pretty much why I went in the direction I did.  Lots of masking going on here.
This card is pretty small, about 3"x 4".
Okay, off to wrap a present for my nephew to go with the card.

Have a great day!

{Make a Wish, Gabriel}
Stamps: Text Style, Fresh Alphabet (Papertrey Ink), Background Basics I (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Trendsetter Blue, Kraft Like a Rockstar (CSS)
Ink: True Blue Fan, Brown Leather Satchel (CSS)
Accessories: Circle Punch, Number 3 Mask (Silhouette), Brad, Stamping Sponge, Pen


A {Good Luck} Card...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hi there!  I was about to say Good Morning, but I guess that ship has sailed.  It felt so good to participate in a card challenge today.  It's been a while for me.  I printed off this week's CPS Sketch and jumped in with a new stamp set (Background Basics I) from Clear & Simple Stamps.
First I created the black and white background (not sure what the technical term is here).  I cut them into three equal pieces and adhered them to Glamazon Green card stock (which is my absolute favorite color).  And then I got a little hung up.  I didn't want to follow the sketch exactly but didn't know what I wanted to do differently either.  I finally settled on some green floss, wrapped around the panel many times and then I tied on the bow and tag.
The button is a silvery gray color, so it coordinates with the card instead of matching exactly.  I mounted the panel on white card stock to finish it off.

Just another little note about the buttons.  My daughter, Halle, separated all of my buttons by color over the weekend (they filled up a small coffee can).  I had bought some little jars at Ikea months ago and all they were doing was collecting dust.  I have about 9 little baggies of buttons with only 4 jars.  I guess that means another trip to Ikea in my future!  I'm so thankful to Halle for helping me out.  It was so easy to choose a button today.  

Have a great day!

{Good Luck}
Stamps: Lucky Charm, Background Basics I (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check, Glamazon Green (CSS)
Ink: Perfect Little Black Dress (CSS)
Accessories: Tags Die (CSS), Green Floss, Green Button, Foam Dimensionals


An {I Love You Always} Card...

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hi there!  It's nearing the end of the month and I just realized I haven't shared very many of the projects I created for the Clear & Simple Stamps January release.  Although I have been using the stamps a lot in my everyday posts.  So here goes one!

I started this card with a layer of patterned paper that is very much in style with how my Grandma decorates her place (very Victorian), but not really my style.  But I think it works in small amounts.  I covered that layer with some Kraft Like a Rockstar card stock with Hearts die cut out using the new Heart Dies from Clear & Simple Stamps.  I also die cut out a smaller heart in Coral Necklace and stamped it with Dish All the Dirt Brown ink (the outline heart stamps come with the heart dies, so cool!).  Those hearts are popped up on foam dimensionals, and you can see just a tiny bit of the patterned paper peaking out.

I stamped and applied the brown card stock stripe before I cut the hearts out.  It's much easier that way :)  

I hope you enjoyed today's card!  I had a very productive Girl's Craft Night on Saturday.  I finished all my February DT projects, which is highly unusual since I'm a last minute kind of girl.   

By the way, my back is 100% normal.  I can resume walking, but not running yet (still not sure if I'm going to start back, the hubby and I have been talking about getting an elliptical machine (anyone have one and love it? Hate it?  Please share your thoughts!)).  

Have a great day!

{I love you always}
Stamps: Love Cupid, Shapes: Hearts (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Kraft Like a Rockstar, Coral Necklace, Dish All the Dirt Brown (CSS)
Patterned Paper: TC Cottage (K & Co.)
Ink: Dish All the Dirt Brown, Coral Necklace (CSS), Cream
Accessories: Shapes: Hearts Dies (CSS), Foam Dimensionals, Pink Baker's Twine (CSS), Stamping Sponge


A {Happy Birthday Friend} Card...

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hi there!  I have a fun and easy card to share with you today.  I went to the store this morning and made an impulsive purchase, a Xyron machine.  It was only $8!  Of course I was anxious to use it, and it was so easy to put adhesive on the back of these narrow rick rack strips.

I actually thought this card out a bit before I started to assemble it.  I wanted to use the "triangle rule" with the color black.  See how the sentiment is black and well as the rhinestones on the left and right side.  Each area of the color black forms a triangle which is supposed to be pleasing to the eye.
The black ink I used is my absolutely favorite black ink I've ever used.  It's A Perfect Little Black Dress from Clear & Simple Stamps.  I loaded up my stamp with the ink and ended up with a perfect impression.

And now for some completely random stuff:

  • I went to the chiropractor yesterday (fourth day in a row) and I'm feeling great!  I think my chiropractor is different than most.  He has an exercise room in his office.  In addition to realigning my back, he taught me a bunch of exercises to strengthen my core so I don't re-injure myself.  I don't have to go back until Monday!
  • I'm absolutely addicted to the game Phase 10 for the iPad.  I've always liked the card game, but since it's digital, you can play a whole game in 20 minutes.

  • Anyone else a huge Anderson Cooper fan?  I've always liked him, but I'm in love with his new daytime talk show, Anderson.  So dreamy!

That's about it for me!  I'm going to my SIL's for a girls craft night tomorrow and I can't wait.  Don't know what I'll be making, maybe some Valentine's for my kids to pass out at school.  I need to start thinking about next years Christmas card, it is almost February!

Have a great weekend!!!

{Happy Birthday Friend}
Stamps: Craft Room (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check (CSS)
Ink: Perfect Little Black Dress, Paint the Town Pink (CSS)
Accessories: Rick Rack Die (PTI), Black Rhinestones


Blogher Book Review: Why Women Need Fat

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello!  I have another book review for you.  I signed up for this book review knowing that I would have issues with it.  Since I started eating a plant-based diet in June, I have read books about nutrition, watched documentaries about nutrition and I'm even attending a cooking class tonight at Whole Foods using recipes from a book promoting a plant-based diet.

In saying all that, I think this book title is misleading.  This book is about why women need a little meat on their bones or why women shouldn't aim to be a stick figure.  The title "Why Women Need Fat" with a picture of chocolate mousse on the cover led me to believe that the author wants you to eat more fats/healthy fats.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  They explain a lot about how your body works and why our nation is two thirds overweight.

This book stresses knowing where your food comes from, which I couldn't agree with more.  I read "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer and The Omnivores Dilemma by Michael Pollan and have vowed never to eat meat again.

The one things I really liked about this book is that it stressed your natural weight, not your Hollywood weight.  You want to look heathy, not emaciated.  Stop on over to Blogher Book Club where we'll be talking about this book for the next few weeks.

Have a great day!


A Mehndi {Thank You} Card...

Hi there!  First off I want to thank you guys for all the get well comments I received yesterday.  You guys are awesome and it was just what I needed.  I went to the chiropractor this morning (third day in a row and going back again tomorrow) and left feeling so much better.  It was a really painful session, but in the end it was well worth it to feel a little normalcy.

So, onto today's card.  I had this card in my head since yesterday and knew exactly how to execute it, except the colors.  I went through my inks and put together a few muted shades.  The only thing I wish I did differently was to use a cream card base instead of white.
One of my biggest problems making clean and simple cards is that I always feel like I need to add something.  I chose to add clear page pebbles so that I added a little something, but they are clear.  This is a supply that has just been sitting around and I'm glad I could finally use them.  

Thanks so much for stopping by today!  See you soon!!!

{Thank You}
Stamps: Iconic Images, Mehndi Medallion (Papertrey Ink)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check (CSS)
Ink: Dish All the Dirt Brown, Brown Leather Satchel, Glamazon Green, Green With Envy, Simply Blue-tiful (CSS)
Accessories: Corner Rounder Punch, Page Pebbles (Making Memories)


A {Runway Inspired} Card...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello!  It's so rainy here today, the perfect circumstances to spend a morning getting crafty.  Clear & Simple Stamps is sponsoring the Runway Inspired Challenge this week.  One of my favorite shows is Project Runway, so this challenge was really fun and I can't believe this is the first time I'm participating.  
 Here's the runway look for this week, pretty cool, huh?
And here's my card:

I cut all the strips to be .5" and then realized that they all wouldn't fit on the card.  Then I decided to overlap some of the strips.  I did follow the pattern of the dress (red-pink then pink-red).  I also wanted to add a lot of white to really make the colors pop.
I had so much fun making this card, although it took awhile since I haven't been crafty in a few days. 

On a personal note, I've been having a tough few weeks.  I had a small procedure done to my bladder right after Christmas.  Luckily I was completely back to my old self in about two weeks (the first few days were pretty rough).  Since I was back to normal, I decided to start running again.  Within one week, I was back to running 3 miles at a time.  I was so happy to get back into running again.  It's something that I love and hate.  I hate doing it, but I love that I am able to.  Make sense?  Anyway, after my run on Friday my back was a little tight, no big deal.  We went bowling Saturday night and I felt fine until we were leaving, then my back ached.  I woke up the next morning with shooting and stabbing pains all down my lower back and legs.  Ugh, and it just happened to be the day we were hosting my son's birthday party.  Somehow I made it through the party with some painkillers.   I went straight to the chiropractor the next morning who found that my L5 vertebrae was turned and my pelvis was tilted forward (nothing to do with my bladder surgery).  Anyway, he informed me that running is horrible for your back.  What?  I was just getting back into running, eating a healthy plant-based diet, I was really doing everything right for once.  So upset by this news.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  I've been to the chiropractor twice and need to go back quite a few more times.  He said it would probably take 8-12 weeks to fully heal.  Ugh.  Such a bummer.  

Well, sorry for being such a downer (look at my bright and happy card again and cheer yourself up!).

Have a great day!

{You're My Rainbow}
Stamps: Quotes II, Lucky Charm (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: A Blanc Check, Dare to Be a Diva Red, Orange You Fabulous, Say Yellow to All Your Fans, Trendsetter Blue, VIP Purple, Paint the Town Pink (CSS)
Ink: Paint the Town Pink, Dare to Be a Diva Red, True Blue Fan (CSS)
Accessories: Foam Dimensionals, Red Baker's Twine


A {Thinking of You} Card...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey there!  It's been a while since I've made a grid card, they used to be my go-to layout.  I guess I've been a little more clean and simple lately.  Although this card is clean, it wasn't very simple to make.  I stamped the medallion in the center of a 3" square of card stock and then cut the square into  9 pieces.  The hardest part was not getting the pieces mixed up.  I'm afraid that might have happened.
I absolutely love the black baker's twine on this card.  I think it's the perfect finishing touch.  Black, white with a pop of color are my very favorite color schemes.

Today is my son's 7th birthday.  Colin is such a sweet and caring boy.  He's also hilarious.  We had a good time making treats for him to share with his class.  I hope my little man has a great day.  He was so excited for his birthday to get here.

Have a great day!

{Thinking of You}
Stamps: Iconic Images, Mehndi Medallion (Papertrey Ink)
Card Stock: Coral Necklace, A Blanc Check (CSS)
Ink: Perfect Little Black Dress (CSS)
Accessories: Foam Dimensionals, Black Baker's Twine (CSS), Mini Hole Punch


Clear & Simple Stamps: Group Project

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello! It's group project time and we are kicking off the year with a really fun one.  Clear & Simple Stamps has just released a bunch of dies and they include 3 new party favor dies. We were asked to create a project showing one of those bags.  So, this project is IN THE BAG!
I truly enjoyed putting together this party favor.  Once I had the basic critter finished, I had so much fun adding embellishments.

I used the Owl/Kitty Die set for the basic shape of the cat (body, tail, eyes, nose) and then I stole the ears from the Bat/Bee Die set.  I drew the whiskers on free-hand with a white gel pen.  The long tag uses two of the small tags that are in the Tags Die set.  If you look close you can see where the two tags overlap.  I colored the sentiment using copies (I think I'm getting better!).  That bow is some of the new Pink Baker's Twine that CSS is now carrying (and they sell it in increments of 5 yards!).
I attached the kitty to the Party Favors #3 box.  So easy to fold and put together using sticky tape.  It's a good size box too, lots of room for treats!

The handle is just a narrow strip of card stock that is adhered to the inside of the box with sticky tape.

Be sure to check out all of our projects today.  I can't wait to see what everyone else came up with.

Have a great day!

{Kitty Party Favor}
Stamps: Critter Sentiments (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Perfect Little Black Dress, Coral Necklace, A Blanc Check, Trendsetter Blue, I'm a Princess Pink (CSS)
Ink: Paint the Town Pink (CSS), White
Accessories: Owl/Kitty Die (CSS) Bat/Bee Die (CSS), Party Favor #3 Die (CSS), Tags Die (CSS), White Gel Pen, Foam Dimensionals, Pink Baker's Twine, Button
Copic Markers: W81, W83, W85, W1



A {Smitten} Card...

Hello there & happy Monday!  It's been a busy day for my (Mondays always are) but I couldn't resist making this little card.  Today is day 1 of Clean & Simple Card Classes and they posted a few sketches to get us started.  Anyway, here's my card.  It's pretty much a CASE of the one Kristina made in her video, just some changes in colors and stamps.
I do feel that this card is a bit predictable.  It feels like it needs something, which is really the problem that I have when I make CAS cards.  I was so happy that the stamps from Clear & Simple Stamps newest release look so cute together.  The hearts come from a larger background building stamp.  I just stamped it once and punched out the hearts.  Easy peasy!

I'm sure you'll be seeing many card from this class.  I hope to really get this technique (or is concept a better word?) so I'm not always second guessing myself.

Have a great day!

Stamps: Hearts Plus, Love Cupid, Quotes II (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Green With Envy, Glamazon Green (CSS)
Ink: Glamazon Green (CSS), Fresh Snow (PTI)
Accessories: Foam Dimensionals, White Gel Pen (Sakura), Circle Punch


Clear & Simple Stamps: Release Day!!!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hello!  I hope you are as excited as I am!  Today is the BIG day that Clear & Simple Stamps is releasing all kinds of goodies.  They have some amazing stamps sets, coordinating dies to go with the stamps, some dies for party favors, and last but certainly not least-- BaKer'S TwiNe!!!

There are so many new stamp sets that it would take up an entire page of my blog to show them all, so I'm just going to share the ones I used in today's project.  Be sure to check out the entire release at the Clear & Simple Stamps Blog.

For today's project I used a new collection called Little Critters.  This collection includes stamps and dies (purchased separately). Aren't they cute?

For my large bee I used the Bat/Bee Little Critter Die in conjunction with the Owl/Kitty Die, no stamping necessary.  I used Say Yellow to All Your Fans for the bee's body and Perfect Little Black Dress for the stripes.  I used vellum for the wings.  I love this whimsical little guy.
I used the new Party Favor #1 Die to turn this little bee into a party favor.  I simply ran the die and Kraft Like a Rockstar card stock through my cuttlebug, folded it up and used some sticky tape to adhere it to the backside of the bee.

For the tag I used the previously released Trendy Tags stamp set along with it's coordinating Tag Die.  This month a Taglines: Critters stamp set is being released to coordinate.  Such a cute addition to the already popular taglines set.  I used some acrylic accents for the wings.  Did you spot the Baker's Twine?  The black and white twine was perfect for this project.
Be sure to check out the rest of the design team creations as well as all the other products being released. 

Thanks for sharing in our excitement!  I'm really looking forward to sharing the rest of my projects with you the rest of this month and throughout February!

Have a great day!

{Happy Bee-Day!}
Stamps: Trendy Tags, Taglines: Critters (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Say Yellow to All Your Fans, Perfect Little Black Dress, Kraft Like a Rockstar (CSS), Vellum
Patterned Paper: Urban Prairie (Basic Grey)
Ink: Perfect Little Black Dress (CSS)
Accessories: Build-A-Critter Die Cuts: Bat/Bee & Owl/Kitty, Tags Die,  Favor Bag #1 Die, Black/White Baker's Twine, White Enamel Accents


Clear & Simple Stamps: Release Sneak Peek!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hi there!  It's so nice to be back in the swing of things.  The kids went back to school this morning and I am such a creature of habit and I really like being in a routine.  We had such a nice holiday break.  Many days were spent in our pj's the whole day.  

So, I have a sneak peek today of some new stamp sets from Clear & Simple Stamps that will be released on January 5th.  Mark my words, this is a huge release.  I'm so excited for you to see the full sets and accompanying accessories, totally cool.  

This card uses stamps from two new sets, Love Cupid and Hearts Plus.  That heart shape is a new die (and that's all I can say about that!!!).
I can't wait for you to see these full sets and all the other sets as well.  Be sure to check out the Clear & Simple Stamps Blog for all the previews.

Have a great day!

{Forever & Always}
Stamps: Hearts Plus, Love Cupid (Clear & Simple Stamps)
Card Stock: Kraft Like a Rockstar, A Clean Slate, Trendsetter Blue, True Blue Fan (CSS)
Ink: True Blue Fan, Dish All the Dirt Brown (CSS), White
Accessories: Baker's Twine, Circle Punch, Shapes: Hearts Die Cuts (CSS), Mini Hole Punch, Green Gem, Foam Dimensionals

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